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I’m a wine lover and now a fully fledged wine nerd. I started working in wine a few years ago when I went to Argentina to learn Spanish (and wine). I now hold the advanced certificate from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and am taking my wine education to diploma level in 2016. I’ve worked with winemakers in Argentina and the UK and have been working towards the Van du Vin since September 2014. I’m extremely excited to have finally got my own tiny wine business off the ground and I hope that everyone will love the bar – and the wines I serve – as much as I do.

These images are from a recent trip to visit wineries in Germany and from my time spent working on vineyards in Argentina and Cornwall.

IMG_6034 IMG_6062

Giving vineyard and winery tours at Camel Valley in Cornwall.

with manuel with mosel

Tasting some insane Riesling with Mosel winemakers Christian Klein and the infamous Merkelbach brothers. Aged 80 and 77, Alfred and Rolf have been making wines on the steep, red slate slopes of the Mosel for more than 50 years and they still HAND HARVEST all their grapes! Legends in the true sense of the word.





IMG_3706 IMG_3770 IMG_4214  Seriously international wine tour and tasting in the Mosel Valley. Riesling enthusiasts in attendance from England, France, Germany, Canada, USA, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia; Me behind the classic Mosel Arch – the predominate vine training system in Germany; tasting wine at Weingart Marx in the Nahe Valley.

IMG_4024   DSCN0607

With winemaker Rainer Marx and his wife in Nahe; picking Malbec in Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina.

Working selection belt   michel rolland

Working the selection belt during harvest at Bodega Carinae in Mendoza; With famed French enologist Michel Rolland and my old boss Brigitte Subra at a wine fair.

tasting DSCN0382

Sampling some exquisite Viognier; Celebrating last day of picking with my surrogate family in Mendoza.


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